You want to look and feel beautiful whenever you look in the mirror. 

You want to fit into that favorite dress tucked away in the back of your closet. 

You want more energy to do all the fun activities with your family and friends.

But you are tired of feeling hungry and deprived.

 You don't want to count calories and eat bland 'diet’ foods anymore.

You are not getting the results you want from all that time and energy spent at the gym.

You are tired of being mistaken for a pregnant woman.

You’ve tried so many different ways to lose that fat and it just isn’t working out.

Before and After

This is my before and after.

I've been where you are.


I was big-bellied most of my adult life. 

I followed conventional advice on diets and exercises and could not get the results I wanted...

Today my belly is flatter than it has ever been after a twin pregnancy.

I am lighter, fitter, and have more energy in my forties now than I did in my twenties.

I’ve taken all the guesswork out of this process and know what it takes.

You do not want to wake up 5 years down the road realizing that you've missed out on living your life fully because you were too self-conscious or lacked the energy to do all the fun activities with your kids, partner or friends.

Are you ready to stop trying yet another fad diet that won’t give you lasting results and start taking control of your health and weight?


The 8-Week Eat to Lose Weight-Loss Jumpstart Program 


My 1:1 Personalized Coaching Program specializing in helping women to lose weight with simple savory eats and lasting results. 


In this program you will: 

  • Learn the foods to eat and the foods to avoid to drop the weight fast 
  • Get your personalized plan to lose weight during the 8-weeks and beyond 
  • Create sustainable new habits that build lasting results 
  • Always feel full and satisfied and look forward to your next meal 
  • Remove barriers to success with accountability to keep you on track towards your ideal weight 

In clear, step-by-step directions, I will personally guide you to make small eating habit changes one by one that is sustainable so you can continue to maintain your healthy weight. 


Get Fit in the Gym. Lose Weight In the Kitchen. 


Make no mistake. What you eat is responsible for well over 80% of your success or failure when it comes to losing weight and achieving optimal health.  

With this program, here are the results that I’ve achieved: 

  • Trim 9 inches of my postpartum belly without a single sit-up
  • Reveal an overall slimmer figure dropping 28 pounds
  • Feel confident at the beach wearing a bathing suit and frolicking in the waves with my toddlers
  • Enjoy shopping and fitting into the clothes I love 
  • Energy to do so much more fun activities with my family and friends 

Your benefits can extend beyond just weight loss: 

  • Clear skin and glowing complexion 
  • A calm and happy belly without the bloat 
  • Reduced symptoms of PMS 

What you’ll learn will not only benefit you but also those you nourish. 

You shouldn’t be doing this alone. I’ll be there every step of the way, giving you an organized plan that’s specific to you to support your weight loss and keeping it off.


Hi, I’m Joanna:



I struggled with digestive health issues and a big belly most of my life. After becoming pregnant and giving birth to a set of twins, my belly stayed looking six-months pregnant over a whole year later. 

I thought my genetics were against me and my age was slowing my metabolism, and feared that I was never going to lose the pregnant look. 

At age 30, my doctor told me that I needed to be on medication for high blood pressure for the rest of my life. The same had happened to my father when he was younger so I know genetics was not on my side. Only I see the long-term side effects of these medicine on him and was determined to avoid taking medication, especially in the event I become pregnant. Ever since I’ve been concocting food as medicine in my kitchen lab to solve my health issues in natural ways.

Over the years, I’ve been able to naturally heal my nearsightedness, seasonal allergies, sustain a healthy and active full-term twin pregnancy (on my petite 5-feet tall frame), naturally heal my uterine fibroid and my son’s eczema. 

I wholeheartedly believed food to be the answer to my weight loss quest and started my research. 

Within a month I lost 10 pounds. I’ve since lost 9 inches around my belly and shed 28 pounds. People no longer get up for me when I enter crowded subways cars. I have more energy to keep up with my toddler twins. 

Using food as medicine to achieve optimal health and weight is my life passion. 

Let me save you the time and hassle of trying to “figure it out” on your own and straight to the results.


This program was made for you if...


  • You are tired of counting calories and feeling hungry and deprived
  • You want to lose those pesky last 10 pounds (or more) that have refused to come off for months or years 
  • You are ready to take the right actions that bring quick, lasting results 
  • You are ready to create a realistic lifestyle change to lose weight and keep it off 
  • You love having someone encouraging you and keeping you accountable towards achieving your weight loss goal 
  • You are ready to commit to investing in your health for the long term 

You'll Receive:


  • 4 bi-weekly sessions of 45 minute 1:1 intensive sessions 
  • A healthy eating plan designed specifically for you and your health goals 
  • Built-in motivation, support, and accountability with weekly tracking of measurements and progress 
  • 8 weeks of unlimited email support with me 

Your Investment: 

Sign up for the 8-Week Eat To Lose Jumpstart Program for just $799.

Or schedule a discovery call to have a chat with me!

How It Works:

  • 360° Diagnosis Questionnaire: After purchase, I’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire which will help me to understand your struggles, goals, current progress and eating habits. I’ll thoroughly analyze your answers to identify the gaps to achieving your success and ideating the best strategies to get over your weight loss plateau. 
  • Strategy Session: In week 1, we’ll meet on Skype and discuss your answers to the questionnaire to solidify your 8-week game plan. This game plan will include the top things you should focus on now which are crucial for your success.
  • Meal Plan: I will create a meal plan designed for you to optimize your ability to adopt and sustain the healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off long term. 
  • 45 Minute Check-ins: Every 2 weeks, we’ll meet to check your progress, answer any questions, and make tweaks to the program plan if needed. I am invested in making sure that you continually progress to your weight goal in the simplest way possible for lasting results. You’re not alone. 
  • Weekly Tracking: we’ll track your weight, measurements, and pictures every week to keep you focused on your goal. It’ll be exciting to see your progress as you shed that weight and belly! 




I'm proud to say that I have lost a whopping 50lbs over the past 7-8 months. I have also experienced a couple of health benefits such as no more cramps during the time of the month, energy boost, knee pain and unwanted fatigue.

Indira, busy working mother of 3 in her early 40s, New York

Testimonial 2

As a busy mom, I love that I don’t have to cook separate meals for myself and my family of four, and lose weight at the same time! 

Jocelyn, busy mother of 2 young toddlers in her early 40s, New York 

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Enroll in the 8-Week Eat To Lose Weight-Loss Jumpstart Program for $799. 

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